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Pretending to love someone that I do not have any feelings for just made my life twice as complicated as it has to be. There are a lot times where I found myself in really awkward situation with my girlfriend because she keeps asking me when so we get married. It’s my entire fault that I did not tell her the truth. That’s why it’s best to always know what kind of people I should be with. She deserves to know the truth that’s why I told her what was really going on. She was extremely mad at me but in the end she intimately forgives I and now we can finally move on with our lives. it was really hard for me to do the right thing at first but she is a good person and she deserve a man greater than me. After living a single life I thought that I am complete. In my kind I did not need anybody to help me get through the pain anymore but I was wrong. a Essex escort from came along in my life and made me realise how wrong I was really. This Essex escort was kind enough to show me what it really means to be happy. That’s why I have to make my life clear to give her the best life she could ever have. It might not be easy to impress this Essex escort but I am fully determined to make her feel good in her life. There’s only a few times that I have not been able to see her when she is available but I do not want to waste any more of my time. This Essex escort is really the one for me and I am hoping that in the mean times things could get better and better for the both of us. She does think of a way to help me feel good all of the time and to me that am a very good signs that I am with the right person. I am learning a lot in what women are thinking because of this Essex escort. She is not a complicated girl at all. She keeps making him happy even though I do not deserve it. I just want to see her succeed in her life and make this better for her family. Having this Essex escort has given me much choice in my life that’s why I will make her my top priority and keep her beside me at all times. She definitely needs to have a man that is willing to give her all that she needs in her life. She is the perfect match for me and I do not care what will happen to me as long as I have this kind of Essex escorts. to me she is enough and I am satisfied with my life already.

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