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Most adults (married or in a long-term relationship) easily understand how sex can turn into a routine. You do it in the same position, location, use the same foreplay, same climax, and the list goes on. However, did you know that adults could enhance their lovemaking by simply changing the location in which you do it? Outdoor sex is just one of the appealing ways to spice matters up for the adults in long-term relationships. It’s seductive, naughty, and different. The different locations you can make love outside include:

In the car
Re-enact your adolescent years by having sex in the car. Apart from the safety and security it gives, the car allows you to work in different role-playing. Most adults prefer backseat to the front and if you have had living room sex while sitting on the couch, then you’ll be okay in the car. Since the car is somehow uncomfortable and awkward, it makes it even more exciting.
While looking for a place to park your car, you need a private but not too private space. It’s because one of the reasons outdoor sex is exciting is that you risk being seen in public. However, watch out for the cops as you can get yourself in hot soup for exposing yourself in public.

In the wild
Sex in the wild is an incredible rush. Here, we mean the real outdoors: in the woods, on the beach or anywhere under the stars. You will feel at unity with the God’s creations. It mainly applies to adults who fantasize about sex-on-the-beach. The several crevices sand you can get into and enjoy your lovemaking will amaze you. The beach offers you a great recipe for splendid sex, warm weather, sea, sun, and sand.

Sex while camping
Even if you do it in the tent, sex while camping is still public sex. For some couples, tents, and large blankets are the easiest and safest ways to enjoy sex outdoors without having to worry about being caught. The isolated parts of the woods can be a great place to have sex, and people will unlikely make a scene about it. However, the thought of being caught give an extra ecstasy to the adventure.

Having sex outdoors offers plenty ways to unleash the primal, passionate side of you and your partner. You also have the pleasure of having sex in the natural atmosphere with all the calming and relaxation benefits it brings.

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